About us

ARPOK is a non-governmental organization founded by the Palacký University in Olomouc 13th September 2004.


To take part in sustainable development of the world and creating an Active, Respectful and Open society that perceives the Interconnectedness and Complexity of the World and accepts its part of responsibility.

A (Activity) R (Respect) P (Interconnectedness) O (Openness) K (Complexity)


We bring global development education to the schools and we help the teachers to talk openly with their pupils about current world’s topics (e.g. about stereotypes and prejudice, climate change, poverty, migration, responsible consumption). We arrange Development Evenings and in this way we also inform the public of these topics. Our activities support open and tolerant society and people‘s active participation in bringing the change.


  • to spread the information about the Global South countries and Global North and its connection
  • to provide the teachers the tools for incorporating global development education in curriculum and in teaching
  • to fulfil and to support the National Strategy for Global Development Education 2016-2017
  • to eliminate extremist opinions that are disrespectful towards human rights
  • to provide information to the public and to contribute to public awareness and discussion about global topics
  • to hand over and to share the experience of ARPOK’s employees with the volunteers and the trainees
  • to build a respectful and stable position of ARPOK among other non-governmental organisations in Olomouc, Olomouc Region, the Czech Republic and Europe